You are welcome to submit your event for inclusion in the Community Events Calendar if it:

  • is open to the general public
  • has broad appeal to people from the local community
  • occurs within the LCH catchment area (Lorne, Deans Marsh, Aireys Inlet, Wye River) or supports an organisation or cause within these communities

Preference will be given to events that:

  • are non-commercial in nature
  • are run by, or support, not-for-profit organisations
  • encourage community connections and participation

An event will not be included if it:

  • appears only to promote or advertise a business or commercial enterprise
  • could conflict with LCH values, policies or statutory responsibilities
  • promotes politicians or political parties

If your event is suitable for publication, we will endeavour to upload it within 2 business days. Please complete the form below to submit your event information.

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